We’re back….

Hello!!! 🙂 

As you can see I started a blog! I had a blog for a few months and decided to take a small  break but now I’m back! Lots of fun things have been happening!! { Important stuff: I got a job as a Labor and Delivery Nurse and We’re getting married in 4.5 months!! 🙂 } Now, I didn’t start this blog  because I think I lead this exciting life that simply must be chronicled for the good of mankind. Not because I feel the need to share my innermost feelings to the world. And certainly not because I thought I’d be any good at it. I simply started this blog to share my love for living a healthy lifestyle, running, and everything else that falls inbetween. And to share the journey of Kris and I becoming husband and wife. I can’t promise this will be an exciting blog, but for me it will be a scrap book of my life becoming “our” life 🙂 

Thanks for humoring me and reading my post 🙂 



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6 responses to “We’re back….

  1. Welcome back my friend! I sure missed you!

  2. kelly

    welcome back! congrats on your new job and good luck with the next few CRAZY months of planning your wedding! 😉

  3. Tiffany Turner

    Glad your back! By the way, I always like when you post recipes and smoothie ideas :). Looking forward to following your little journey called life!

  4. Tiffany Turner

    Ok call me OCD but I need to correct my “your” to “you’re”. Sorry, can’t help myself!

  5. YAY!! Welcome back! I was about to tell you the other day how much I miss your blog! Can’t wait to see what you post.

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