What Saturdays are made of…..

I had Saturday off which only meant one thing (not waking up at 3:00am) and getting to do all these wonderful things!

Love Saturdays off 🙂

{First long run of my training plan: 8 mile run}


{Coffee date with one of my amazing bridesmaids }

{Hot date with my fabulous future husband ;), which included, yummy dinner (operation hot bride is back on track after last nights feast ;)) watching Bridesmaids: hillarious movie, if you haven’t seen it, go see it! and yummy drinks!! }

It was nice to just step back from life for a little bit and enjoy each others company! We’ve been so wrapped up with work and wedding planning, that we haven’t had a chance to just enjoy one another. So Date night was much needed and so much fun! I love him!

Todays Agenda:

  • Spin Class 
  • Church
  • Celebrating the most amazing man in my life; My Daddy 🙂 
Question: How did you spend your Saturday?! What are your plans for today? 🙂

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One response to “What Saturdays are made of…..

  1. Awww….so glad you are back to the blogging world! I have missed your posts. Congrats on the new job…you will be such a great nurse!

    Saturday I went to a work friend’s wedding…so much fun! Today I am spending the afternoon with my Dad on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

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