Mini Goal Monday!


3:00 am Wake up Call—(who wakes up that early)


{ Early Morning Gym Sesh!!  }

{Enjoying the morning before the sun came up}

12.5 hour work day, where I get to deliver babies 😉 }

{Now, relaxing and bed….I get to do this all again tomorrow…}

{It’s also a BRAND NEW WEEK! Which only means one thing….Mini Goal Monday 🙂 } 

Goals for the week:

  • No negative thinking….I’ve been really hard on myself lately with the new job and a wedding right around the corner, I’ve been really harsh with myself body image wise, and stressed out with work. So, goal is to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones
  • More alone time with God
  • Date Night 😉
Question: What are some of your mini goals?

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One response to “Mini Goal Monday!

  1. love this idea 🙂 having mini goals per day is a great start to feeling motivated and productive on a day to day basis! ❤ ps i love that you wake up super early and STILL work out! HERO!

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